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Web Portal on Meditation and Spirituality for French Speaking Countries!

France, Switzerland, Belgium, Québec (Canada), Morocco, etc.

Our vision is based on meditation, love, laughter and spiritual growth.

It seems to us that the root cause of our problems in the world lies within the individual. Instead of thinking in terms of revolution and changing society, we should look more at changing ourselves! expresses this vision on its website for those who want to understand themselves better, experience their inner world and live more in harmony with themselves, with others and with nature.

We do not represent any sectarian nor religious movement. On the contrary we offer a vision, open and respectful of individual freedom.

Our website covers many subjects on spirituality; Meditation, Tantra, Spiritual teachers, Yoga, Qi-Gong, Tao, Shamanism, Zen, Buddhism, Dance, Therapy, Art-Therapy, Music, Books, Alternative medicine, Reiki, Massages, Travel, etc.
We also have a calendar of activities that display many seminars, events & groups in the French speaking countries. And we are also present on the main social media platforms.

On average our website has between 80.000 to 100.000 visitors per month. It is one of the biggest spiritual website in French. You can advertize on our website if you have an activity related to spiritual growth and it is usually very efficient to reach people that are interested in spirituality (all demands are submitted for approval by our team)

Our website is in French but our team speaks fluent English, so if you need any information regarding meditation, personal growth, spiritual centres, well being, therapy, festivals, alternative health care, in France or in the French speaking countries, just contact us.

You can also connect with us if you need to promote a conference, a seminar, or a product related to our topics in the French speaking countries.
So if you are interested, if you want to know more or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

In love, life and laughter... from the Meditationfrance team.

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What's on Meditationfrance?

- Free bimonthly Magazine with articles on all kind of topics related to spirituality and personal growth...
- Information Pages on Meditation, Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra, Zen, Buddhism, Alternative medicine, Therapy, Dance, etc.
- Multimedia Section
- Calendar of Activities
- Calendar of Travels
- Calendar of Festivals
- New Age and Relaxation Music
- Books on Personal Growth
- Articles on Wisdom and Meditation
- Free Newsletter
- etc, etc...

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